Postgraduate Intake For Academic Year 2024-25

Eligibility All NTU Graduate Programmes
Application Period* On-going
Application Processing Period On-going
Release of Outcome** On-going
Monthly Rental Fee* Double Room
Wheelchair Friendly Room
Lease Period 6, 10 Months
Acceptance Fee Payment* 6-Months Lease

1-month deposit (Refundable)
✔ 1-month advance payment
Non-refundable Administrative Fee of $60

10-Months Lease

✔ 2-month deposit (Refundable)
✔ 1-month advance payment
Non-refundable Administrative Fee of $60

Acceptance Fee Payment Period* Security deposit
Advance payment
Administrative fee
Mode of Payment
  • Visa / Master
  • PayNow
Notes *Unless otherwise stated, the date and time are in Singapore time zone (UTC +8), and fees are in Singapore dollars (SGD). Pricing will be subject to annual review, and adjustments will be made at a rate of 3% increment.

**Please note that it is important to provide all required documents promptly during the application process to avoid any delays or negative impact on the application results. We cannot be held responsible for any unsuccessful application results caused by a failure to provide the necessary documents within the specified timeframe.

Kindly be advised that Maple Residences is a commercial boutique hostel that exclusively provides accommodation for NTU postgraduate students and is not under the management of NTU.

Application Process Flow

To facilitate a seamless application process, we kindly advise referring to the following application process flow:

Preparation of Documents

For a smooth and hassle-free application process, we advise having the necessary documents readily available for upload into the system for our review.

  • NRIC / Passport
  • NTU’s Offer of Course Admission
  • Official Marriage Certification (if Spouse stay is requested)

You will be required to have the necessary documents available on your check-in date as well.

It is essential to submit all necessary documents on time. Any delay or failure to provide the required documents within the specified timeframe may lead to negative outcome on the application results. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any unsuccessful applications caused by a lack of necessary documents.

If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Ready For Registration ?

Thank you for expressing interest in Maple Residences.

Due to the overwhelming response and high demand, we regret to inform you that single rooms in Maple Residences have been filled up quickly.

However, if you are interested in signing up for a double room, we still have availability, although it is subject to availability. In the event that all the double rooms are occupied, we will add you to a waitlist. If any of the current applicants ahead of you decide to forfeit their slot, you will be next in line to secure a double room. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.

For those who have registered, you should have received an email from us to make payment of the application fee.
Once we have received confirmation of payment, we will process your application.
Singapore (UTC +8)
Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
28 Genting Lane, Platinum 28, #04-01, Singapore 349585

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